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  • welcome to Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd. website!
    Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Main product: Potassium Borohydride     Sodium Borohydride     Trimethyl Borate     Triethyl Borate
    • Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    • Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    • Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Nantong Hongzhi Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in the production of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. Main products are high-grade hydrogenation reducing agent, potassium borohydride, sodium borohydride, pharmaceutical intermediate, boric acid ester and etc.
    The company owns strong technical force, complete testing method, perfect quality system and high-quality products, and it has obtained the GB/T 19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 Certification. Besides China, our products are exported to Germany, Japan, Korea, India and other countries, and they are highly praised and trusted by the customers at home and abroad....
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      General Mgr.: Qian Bingrong  +86-13706279226    
    Vice President: Feng Qian  +86-15962706877
    Tel: +86-513-87833666               
    Fax: +86-513-87833968
    Email: hongzhihuagong@126.com 
      @ hzpharm.com
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